Premium tracking turns out to be a key asset for operations optimizations, as we discussed it in our last article. But it doesn’t stop there. IOT devices such as trackers are proving to be powerful tools, offering increased visibility on shipments but also constituting a rich and particularly useful source of data in shipping management. This improved visibility and logistics are all reasons leading to better services. Let’s discover together more precisely 3 ways premium tracking can upgrade your services.

#1 – Performance improvement

Beyond control and visibility, tracking solutions and the insights they deliver can help you optimize quite a lot of processes.

The data retrieved from your shipments gives you the opportunity to get a more global view through relevant analytics. For instance, it helps to identify the shipments with the longer transit times and discover the causes of potential time loss :

  • Waiting times in port
  • Long crossings
  • Weather conditions…

After analysis and laying the finger on what could be improved, action can be taken and routes can be optimized by reviewing the planning and itinerary of future cargos. 

Insights from tracking solutions help you to :

The same goes for costs which can be drastically reduced by the identification of locations with the most additional charges, such as demurrage or detention fees. This can also apply to risk management thanks to visibility of the areas generating the biggest quota of damage or security lack : some ports are known for less delicate operations than others, and some locations are prone to theft or illicit products introduction. By avoiding these locations when possible, quality and security are more likely to be fulfilled.

#2 – Service transparency

Aren’t you happy when you know exactly how far your amazon order is from you, and when you can plan your day while knowing exactly when you’ll be delivered?

That’s also what companies want, especially shippers who are in need of their cargo for the next step ahead. The transparency brought by tracking helps them to project and organize their own operations, but also to feel more in control.

This improves customer’s trust towards their service providers : nothing is hidden from them, they have access to all their data at any time and if anything goes wrong they won’t be the last to know. This brings an end to unpleasant surprises: whether it’s product damage or delays, they know in real-time – thanks to alerts – what to expect for delivery and can take action if need be. 

#3 – Customer satisfaction

With the optimizations and control gained on companies’ operations, the quality of service can also greatly improve : better transit times, maximized OTIF compliance, respected transport conditions, predictability and more.

The quality of service can also be more easily perceived by customers thanks to the tangible data and transparency they have access to, resulting in improved satisfaction and retention. This is also the occasion to improve service-level agreements (SLAs) to fit better to customers’ expectations.

Besides, premium tracking functions 24/7 because it doesn’t rely on humans with work hours. Clients therefore receive a more complete and always available service.

To go further…

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