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Cookies management

A cookie is a text file that stores information on your web browsing. This file, served by a server when you visit a website, is saved on the user’s hard disk and cannot either contain a virus or be executed. It isn’t running. Moreover, you can read it, delete it or change it. A cookie cannot be used to retrieve Personal Data or information from your hard disk or read your email address.

The website uses cookies for the proper functioning of the site and for marketing purposes.

According to the Order of 24 August 2011 on the application of European directives on the protection of online privacy, a cookie cannot be stored on your computer without your prior consent (except in the case of the legal exceptions). NEXT4 is thus obliged to get your prior consent, which is valid for at most thirteen months.

How can you express your preferences ?

You have several options for managing Cookies, accepting or refusing them. You can:

  • use the consent management window that appears when you first use the site, or then by clicking on “change cookies settings” at the bottom of the window;
  • configure your browser
  • directly express your choice to the party creating the cookie in the case of analytical cookies (Google Analytics unsubscription:

Cookies used by NEXT4

Functionality cookies and the cookies required for proper functioning of the website
These cookies are solely served by NEXT4 and are required for the proper functioning of the website you are using, for example, to remember your preferences in terms of data collection.

Analytical cookies
The website employs analytical cookies designed to record the traffic, usage and performance of the website, and to improve the functioning and user-friendliness thereof (for example, the most visited pages, visitor searches, etc.)
NEXT4 uses Google Analytics, which collects the information needed for the analysis described above.