N402 permanent container tracker

A permanent
tracker for
smart containers

Offer your clients a new high-quality service with permanent container trackers.

These high-security trackers can’t be taken off like normal ones : only the adapted tool can easily uninstall them when needed. Placed on the door, leaving the sensors part inside, it is impossible to take off when the container is closed.

Signal Efficiency

Even in the container, thanks to the form factor and the external antenna.

Long life battery

Up to 10 shipments of 5 weeks, i.e. more than 2 years based on use.

fast deployment

Thanks to immediate disponibility and easy setup in a few seconds.

real-time data

constantly communicated to keep control on transport conditions.

precise geolocation

Thanks to GPS, Wifi and Cellular connection.

secure and robust

Its shape and material prevent it from being taken off when doors are closed.

Features that fit your needs

Door opening

Temperature readings
and real time alerts

Humidity readings
and real time alerts



with remote sensors

Automatic tracker

Quick and easy set up

Install the tracker in seconds :
Simply place it on the container’s door, it will be held by a strong adhesive tape .
When the door is closed, it will stay firmly in place and can’t be taken off.

Capacities extension:
remote devices

NEXT4’s container tracker can connect to Bluetooth Low Energy
devices, placed on your goods pallets or in boxes.

In partnership with Ruuvi

Ensure precisely the right transport conditions of your goods.

Get precise temperature and humidity readings and alerts for each of your pallets.

Foresee the amount of goods that will arrive to destination in expected condition and quickly take action consequently.

In partnership with Bosch and Minew

Make sure that all your goods are in the container and stay in it.

Have a perfect control over potential theft of your goods : know the time and location they’re taken out the container.

Detection of products loading by bluetooth gauges.

Sustainable devices :
refurbishing and recycling program

All our trackers are reusable but also refurbishable and recyclable.

Whether you use them 10 times or only one time, you can send
them back to Next4 : we will change the batteries, which will be
recycled, and the external housing so the tracker can be reused.


Certified for mass deployment from countries included in the CE, EAC and FCC certifications.

Approved by

Compilant with the connectivity standard for interoperability between smart containers established by the DCSA.

Our products are classified as CSDs (Container Security Devices) in the same way as seals.
Their purpose is to guarantee the product’s integrity.

According to Washington’s customs recommendations in 1972, they are not subject to any individual customs formalities in connection with the temporary admission of a container if they are accessories or equipment of this container.
However, it is possible that certain customs may ask questions. It is therefore advisable to note the presence of the tracker as a CSD on the bill of lading and to specify the 1972 CSD agreements.

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