capacities extension

Connection to remote devices Bluetooth Low Energy

All NEXT4 trackers are equipped with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology that allows them to connect or retrieve information from other BLE devices.

Placed on your goods pallets or in boxes, these devices allow a closer tracking of the product.

Transport conditions precision

Ensure precisely the right transport conditions of your goods.

Get precise temperature and humidity readings and alerts for each of your pallets.

Foresee the amount of goods that will arrive to destination in expected condition and quickly take action consequently.

  • Presence detection
  • Transport conditions : temperature, humidity, orientation
  • Battery level

Presence control

Make sure that all your goods are in the container and stay in it.

Have a perfect control over potential theft of your goods : know the time and location they’re taken out the container.

Detection of products loading by bluetooth gauges.

Minew C7 / E5 / E7
  • Presence detection

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