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visibility of your international shipments.

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Improve the visibility of your international good flows.

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NEXT4 is a French company created by experts in international traceability solutions.

Based in Toulouse, at the heart of the aerospace and electronics engineering ecosystem, NEXT4 has created its own international geolocation solution for shipping containers, with the best global coverage today.

NEXT4 provides a solution based on innovative hardware and a software platform for communication with other information systems.

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NEXT4 launches dynamic ETAs for better visibility

After 2020's difficulties in the world of logistics due to Covid-19, this new year sheds light on...

NEXT4 reveals a new functionnality for shipments statistics

NEXT4 is proud to announce a major new feature of its container tracking platform. The N4VIEW...

NEXT4’s container tracker meets the DCSA standards for interoperability

Digital Container Shipping Association is a neutral, non-profit organization, constituted by...

What happens if your container waits at the port for longer than expected ?

The companies in the world today run with a goal to satisfy their customers by all means at the same time as being sustainable. With more and more companies adopting the Just-In-Time (JIT) technique in order to reduce the response time between the suppliers and their customers, it is indeed necessary for their partners in the expedition to be in time as well.

What is container rain ?

There are many problems encountered in the transport of goods by container. Much of the attention...

IOT Satellite : LPWAN Killers ?

Under this enticing title, it is obvious that the answer is not "yes" or "no". Knowing that the...

Kineis (CNES) is partner of NEXT4

In 2018, NEXT4 sealed a partnership with Kineis to implement the CLS (CNES) historical technology in Next4’s electronic modules …

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